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Find Great Tenants for Your Investment Property

Investing in rental property only works if you can get credible tenants who make their monthly payments and live responsibly in your place.

Invest America offers a full-service tenant placement service and will thoroughly screen prospects. We also offer professional property management.

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Our Desirable Tenants Keep Your Assets Valuable

Invest America works hard to help you find and keep good tenants, so your asset is reaching its full potential.

  • We promote your asset throughout the entire rental market, using the best marketing and advertising materials
  • We present your asset in a professional manner, using a wide variety of media, including online, local publications, and networking relationships
  • We identify and secure appropriate candidates for occupying your asset, giving you multiple options from which to choose
  • We use due diligence with each applicant and handle all the paperwork

Let Us Help You Keep Your Good Tenants Happy

Once your tenants are placed, we follow up with services designed to keep them and you happy.
  • We service all occupants and paying clients
  • We take action when there are unforeseen problems with occupants
  • We conduct regular property inspections and assessments to ensure your assets are in good condition
Our approach grows out of our motto: “Either you do the things right the first time or you are condemned to repeat your task till it is delivered right.” It has served us well both in purchasing properties and in finding and keeping good tenants.

Ask to See Our References When You Meet With Us

We have a great record when it comes to quickly finding tenants who stay for the long term. During a free one-on-one consultation, we can document our success and share quality references who can attest to us and the benefits of our approach.

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