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Sound Real Estate Investing Creates Wealth

As the National Real Estate Investors Association makes clear, real estate investing is one of the most successful and widespread wealth-creation strategies in the nation.

About 3.5% of Americans own at least one investment property, which translates into 35,000 real estate investors per every million residents. At the same time, foreclosures continue to make properties available.
Invest America is here to help you take advantage of the opportunities!

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Single-Family Homes Make a Great Investment

One of the most attractive opportunities for beginning real estate investors is the single-family home.

  • A plentiful supply is available
  • Financial institutions are looking for buyers
  • Large, up-front investments are not needed
  • In select markets, many tenants are available
  • Investors typically see a high rate of return
Through years of extensive research, Invest America has determined that a newer, single-family house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and parking space is the best investment opportunity because it is the most desirable living arrangement for tenants. 

A Down Economy Means More Homes Are Available

With the stock market looking unattractive to small investors and with interest rates at low levels, real estate is turning out to be a great investment.
Foreclosures and bargain properties are some of the best deals on the market, whether you’re looking to make it your primary residence, maintain it as a rental property, or turn it around for resale.
We’re not talking about properties in crime-ridden neighborhoods, but upscale homes that go into foreclosure due to the worsening economy. Invest America works diligently to find the best investment properties around, and we have the leverage to buy foreclosed properties at 30% to 50% below market value!
You also may discover an even better deal if you buy the property through a financial institution, since they will sometimes waive part of the closing costs or offer a deal on the interest rate or your down payment.

Find Homes for Rental Income or to Quickly Resell

Let Invest America teach you how to buy foreclosed homes. We research the market with preparation, patience, and persistence to find properties in good areas that are likely to have a high resale value.

We don’t approach you with a suggested investment until we’ve done our homework!
Whether you’re looking to rent out a home or flip it for a profit of $10,000, $15,000, or more, see us for a one-on-one, no obligation real estate consultation.

Connecting You to Valuable Rental Properties

If you decide to buy a property and rent it, Invest America will help you find the right property at the right price in areas where there are still a lot of opportunities available.

For instance, we operate in stable areas, such as Memphis, TN, and Little Rock, AR, that have not been prone to major price swings in the housing market. You’ll find a good job base in these towns and a favorable ratio of rent to value.
Once you own a rental home in markets like these, we’ll act as your property manager. Each month we’ll deposit your rental income into your bank account, less our management fees, which typically run between 8% and 10%.
Our fees cover collecting the rent, handling tenant issues, and taking care of minor property maintenance.
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