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Acquire Properties With a Potential for Great Earnings

Everyone who buys real estate is looking for a deal, whether they’re purchasing a home or an apartment complex, a shopping center or an office building.

But when you’re buying investment property, the price you pay is only a small part of the picture. The return on your investment is more essential, so you need to be sure you’re getting the right place.

Here at Invest America, both experienced and novice investors expect us to find high-yield real estate investments, and we deliver!

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Get Monthly Income From Your Investment Property

Invest America has already identified great opportunities in strong markets like Little Rock, AR, and Memphis, TN. We’re just waiting for you to ask!

We also provide top-of-the-line software that will allow you to run financial models and determine the best investments for your financial goals.
Let us guide you to the two best ways to invest in real estate.
  • You purchase the property and have us manage it, freeing you of the hassles that come with managing the property yourself
  • You lend the funds needed to buy a property that we have already rehabbed, and you hold a private mortgage on the property
These options mean you either receive rental payments or interest every month! Call or text us now to get more information or to request an appointment.

How We Pick Up the Best Investment Properties

Invest America follows three steps when acquiring real estate.
  • We identify any interesting properties
  • We make comprehensive and comparative market evaluations
  • We make wholesale residential and commercial real estate purchases
Because we have long-standing business relationships with banks, foreclosure entities, and REO agents, and because we have solid credit, we can buy distressed properties at prices far below the market values.
We also can pick and choose our assets as we obtain high discounts and bundled deals offered by our partners.

Contact Us When You're Ready to Sell Property, Too!

Because Invest America is always looking for new property, you should talk to us when you’re ready to sell.

If you need to offload property quickly, have no time or money for repairs, or are just tired of the hassles that come with being a landlord, call or text us to speak to one of our real estate investment professionals now.

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