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Over the past decade, Little Rock, AR, has emerged as a great real estate investment market for a number of reasons.
  • Located in Pulaski County in Central Arkansas, it’s the capital and most populous city in the state
  • According to the 2017 estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau, it has 738,344 residents
  • The six-county Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway, AR Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is ranked 78th in terms of population in the United States
  • There are almost 1 million residents in Pulaski County, and it’s growing
All those people need great homes, which is what Invest America provides through its turnkey properties.

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Sound Rental Properties Remain in High Demand

Houses are in demand in Little Rock, where more than 34% of the population rents. Our investments there rent on average in 30 days or less!

During the overall downturn in housing, Little Rock experienced fewer foreclosures than in the major markets, which means the diminished supply of available rentals has increased the demand.
Add in low property taxes and good homes, and you’ve got the ingredients for great investing and property management opportunities.

Good Things to Know About Business in Little Rock

Since the advent of the 2000s, Little Rock has consistently shown up as the place to be, with a strong economy and stable working environment.

  • In July 2013, Kiplinger rated it as the #1 city to live in for U.S. markets under 1 million
  • In 2011, Forbes rated it the 2nd cleanest city in the nation, which is a valuable market driver
  • The Brookings Institute says Little Rock has the nation’s 7th best metropolitan economy
  • In 2005, Forbes ranked Little Rock 22nd out of 361 metropolitan areas for doing business in
  • Interstate 30 and Interstate 40 intersect in Little Rock, making the Port of Little Rock a shipping hub
  • Several different companies over several different industries make up the workforce (only Chicago has a more diverse economy), which is probably why Little Rock trailed the national unemployment average during the Great Recession
  • In 2009, when the downturn was at its worst, Forbes named Little Rock one of the top 10 strongest real estate markets
Take a look at this long list of major employers in the city and its environs.
Don’t wait another day. Get cash flowing in the Little Rock REI market. Call or text us today to request an appointment and be sure to ask about our opportunities available in Memphis, TN, as well.

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