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Effective Management Services for Rental Properties

Management services from Invest America take the hassle out of owning rental properties. We ensure your investment is working for you even while you take a hands-off approach and enjoy stress-free ownership.

Our 15+ years of experience have made us familiar with all the factors that go into good property management, and we keep your assets competitive in the rental market!

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Monitoring the Financial Side of Your Investments

As the rental market stagnates, our value-added property management services can keep you at the head of the pack.

Recently we added financial management to our program as a complement to our traditional property services.
  • Conducting initial property inspections
  • Reporting on tenants
  • Sharing accurate and complete monthly income and expense reports
  • Providing a realistic budget forecast
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Ensuring appropriate capital expenditures go into the regular maintenance of your asset
  • Connecting you to wholesale rates when contractors are needed for repairs or improvements

Keeping Tenants Happy Keeps Your Assets Occupied

Invest America knows how to balance tenant satisfaction with your needs as an investor. By keeping both sides happy, everyone benefits – especially in a tenants’ market where they have so many available options.

Let’s discuss your situation. Call or text us now to request a consultation. We’re certain you’ll want us to represent you in any future investments.

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