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Let Us Help You Improve Your Investment Properties

Invest America specializes in foreclosed and distressed properties, which often need to be improved to bring them up to a higher standard of quality.

Over the years, we’ve established strong business relationships with a number of renovators and rehabilitation specialists.
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Flooring installers
  • Roofers
  • HVAC specialists
  • Pest control professionals
  • Sheet rock installers
  • Painters
  • Interior designers
  • Security personnel
When Invest America is managing your assets, these licensed, certified, and bonded contractors will be available to you at wholesale rates. You’ll pay them directly.

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We Closely Manage All Contractor Work on Properties

When you’re purchasing one of our rental properties that you also want Invest America to fully manage, or when you purchase a note secured by the value of the real estate, you can trust that it will be rehabilitated to the highest standard.

Our seven-part rehab program includes a number of check points that help us ensure properties are in excellent condition at all times.
  • Licensed, certified, and bonded contractors will prepare a quote on work to be done, but we make the final decision on the rehabilitation work
  • We determine the costs and do all the research and bargaining with the contractors
  • Our partner contractors work closely with us in a team-oriented manner and under a wholesale agreement
  • Our home inspection process has been provided by a home inspector
  • All necessary repairs needed after an inspection will be completed before you close on the transaction
  • Property repairs come with a 30-day guarantee
  • All properties are fully disclosed at the time of sale, and you will have complete access to all our information and resources
If you’d prefer 100% ready-to-move-in turnkey solutions, we can provide those as well. In any case, the rehab team that will work on your property is assembled during the acquisition phase and is ready to go as soon as they get the green light from us.
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